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Not all people are honest and it is virtually impossible to watch all home viewers all the time.  So take steps to protect your belongings.  Whenever a homeowner places a property on the market for sale or rent, they should endeavor to protect their valuables AND to make sure the premise and contents have adequate insurance coverage.  This is true whether a lockbox is used or not.  It is paramount that owners fully understand that neither the listing broker,    any agent affiliated with the Broker, any Buyer's Agent nor the Association of REALTORS or the MLS service is an insurer against the loss of an owner's personal property.


If you have valuables like jewelry, cash, sunglasses, coin or other collections or trinkets and bobbles, please put them away in your safety deposit box or deep in your drawers.  We have next to no incident of theft to my knowledge on our board, but your participation is necessary to minimize the risk of loss or theft.


Years ago, I had a seller call me.  She was very angry that another agent or his buyer who viewed the property that afternoon and had stolen her $10,000 wedding ring she left on her kitchen window after doing the evening’s dishes.  After much to-do, investigation, and worry on my part, my seller called me at 6:00 am the next morning to apologize, that the ring had fallen behind something and had been found.  But, it could have been stolen and never found.  And when something is gone you cannot usually prove what happened to it.  It is simply gone and it is not fair to make assumptions.  Get the picture.  In my many years of Real Estate, I'm not aware of any incidences of theft from my listings.


Homeowners, whether they are selling their property or not, should make an accurate inventory of personal belongings.  This is essential should the need arise to make an insurance claim.  Each item should be recorded as to it's date of purchase and approximate cost and should include serial numbers and model numbers where applicable.  Placing your home on the market for sale is an excellent time to update this inventory.  In this regard, you may obtain a computer software program free of charge from your insurance agent that is designed to maintain a household inventory.  Any record is better than no record.  Take photographs or better; take a video tape inventory of your home and furnishings with a narrative as to value.


STORE THIS INFORMATION SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN IN THE HOME.  The information will be of little use if it is destroyed or stolen.




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