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The Best Thing about Living in Chilliwack

I asked residents in Chilliwack "What is the BEST thing about living in Chilliwack?".

Here are some real voices of Chilliwackers!


The No.1 thing about Chilliwack  is the people. Chilliwack has the BEST people. They are friendly and helpful. They think of other people. They are just different. Chilliwack people still have the small town attitude of helping their neighbors, saying hi, smiling and being friendly!

-Gail  Roscoe/ Creekside Home Décor




Chilliwack has always been home for me. I was born here. My mother was born here. There is a sense of community unlike anywhere else. I did live in Vancouver for about 10 years, but came back "home" to raise a family. The people around me here in downtown Chilliwack are very important to me. These are the people, mom and pop’s business, You know you open the door in the morning and say good morning to your neighbors. I think there is a closeness, a connection between people that you wouldn’t have in city living. Yet we are still close to Vancouver. The mix of agriculture, recreation and wildness. It’s beautiful, the mountains, the lake, and the rivers. It's really amazing.

-Lois Chadburn/ Lolly’s Fashion Lounge  




The best thing about living in Chilliwack is being so connected to the outdoors. There is so much out there to do, and it’s so easy to get out and enjoy it. I love all the mountains, rivers, and the trails. Wether it is golfing, horse back riding, running, hiking, or fishing, there is something for everybody. I just think it’s the best.

-Marion Peter Mark/ Marion’s Dressing Room 


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